Sunday, February 9, 2014


The first time I met Brandi was years ago at a meeting at work. Once you meet Brandi, you don't forget her. She left the meeting and I thought, "Well. She was delightful." She is high-energy and very happy and says things that are from the left field and she has crippling self doubt. Regardless of what topic the conversation is about, she will slip in a sincere fret involving her appearance/wardrobe/hair/life decisions/etc. She scopes out the positive in everyone else though. Last night I met her for a couple drinks (I had the most interesting drink, it was draft apple beer and the bartender talked me into putting Fireball in it and it tasted like cinnamon-y applesauce. My brain thought the drink was good for my sore throat although surely that is not the case. But, nonetheless- delicious.) Anyway, I met Brandi and some folks and I went to the bar to order the applesauce drink and Brandi saddled up next to me and announced to the bartender, "This is my best friend!" Later on she told me when I walked in and she saw me she felt so proud that I was her friend. Let me ask you a personal question. Do your friends talk to you like that? They should. So, Brandi is all these things- funny, kind, sweet, crippling self doubt- and the end result is this human being who is completely endearing. I want very much to be to Brandi (and all my friends) the loving person that she is. I'm so thankful I met this delightful girl.

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