Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So, Michael was a couple hours late coming home from work and I was thinking wtf. When I called him, he put me to voicemail and he’s never done that before. Like when he is gonna be late, even like 15 minutes, he gives me a head's up. So I was a bit worried, but, shrugged it off like calm down, it's nothing. I went on with the day and walked the dog and worked out and then got in the shower and, meanwhile, he had went to the jewelry store and bought a ring and then went to my dad’s house. He said when my dad opened the door and saw him standing there by himself, he immediately knew and was like !!!. So they had their man chat and then Michael came home while I was still in the shower and knocked on the door and I said “Come in if you’re not a murderer!”. So, armed with the idea of doing nearly the exact opposite of murdering, he came in and opened the shower curtain and I was all covered in soap bubbles (which I don't believe I ever washed off) and he took my hand and got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”. I was SHOCKED (and also naked as a jay bird) and thinking "Is he proposing to me while I'm in the shower?!!" and then I was like YES HE IS HOLY SHIT and I started crying and covered my face with my hand and I said “YES! Yes, of course, you’re the best man I’ve ever met!” He really is. And then we hugged and I cried some more and we walked out to George, the dog, in the hallway and he said, “GEORGE IS GONNA HAVE A REAL DAD!”. Right now my feelings keep changing from shock, to happy-happy!, to sobbing, to "God, my fiance is ADORABLE", to feeling like do you Wedding?! I don't know how to Wedding!!" So.. this happy life and tiny family I have now is PERMANENT and I can't wait to Wedding it up! It can't be that hard, right??


  1. It's not hard at all; just make sure your favorite Aunt's hair doesn't clash with your girls' dresses.