Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baby Skates (have tissues ready)

When I was a little girl I got this doll, Baby Skates.
Aptly, I named her Baby Skates.
She was amazing and I loved her with all my heart.  I would hold her up in the air and spin around and sing the Baby Skates jingle from the commercial. She fell down more than she was able to successfully skate. But, as her adoptive mother, I spent hours patiently helping her practice in hopes to one day get it right.  My brother would laugh at it because...well, because a skating baby is kind of funny I guess.  But that enraged me and only caused my bond with Baby Skates to grow even tighter. 
One day after an especially tedious skating/falling down session I thought, "Gosh my poor darling Baby Skates worked so hard today.  She could probably really use a glass of water."

So I poured a glass of water on her face.

And killed her.

That's right, the water went into her inside parts and she broke and then she was thrown away.

R.I.P. Baby Skates
circa 1983
Gone but not forgotten.


  1. I'm crying my eyes out! Poor little baby skates.. I met her at Lloyds roller rink, and had not a clue she was dead.

    1. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. She always did love the "Kentucky Steal".

    2. Life is so full of hard knocks. Baby Skates learned that early. I knew her well.

  2. *tear* I had a similar incident with my all time favorite, Water Baby... See, when filled with water, she felt like a real baby. Well, one day my brother decided she probably had to pee really bad given the fact that she was filled with water, but the anatomy didn't allow for proper, um, elimination.... So he found a needle and made her a real woman and she pissed her life away, rip water baby. -lisa v.