Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hoppy New Year, Young Grasshopper

So it's 2014 freaking FINALLY. Here's my goal for this year: Have as much fun as humanly possible (like lots & lots of fun) while also positively balancing my health, fam, & financial responsibilities. This year I want to not be too hard on myself, repel negativity, and I want to go with the flow. I talked to my bro the other day about this and that and he started chirping to me about how maybe I should take a good long look at what I spend my money on and evaluate my priorities. In other words, stop painting the town red and get my pipes fixed and stuff like that around the house instead. It's like the story of the grasshopper and the ant. You know the story, where the ant was preparing for winter or something and the grasshopper was... not doing that. I just googled it and instead of preparing for winter the grasshopper was singing. Awww, singing! Bless that little grasshopper's heart. And then winter comes and the grasshopper is like "Hey ant, can I get some food?" and the ant is like "No! Die!". So the moral is supposed to be that you should be aware of the perils of idleness. OR YOU WILL DIE. Let's all just calm down a bit. I did appreciate that eye-opening honest feedback from my brother. I did not feel judged by him (like that terrible, judgey, murderous ant). It was something I needed to hear because I suppose sometimes I can get carried away. I plan to check that behavior so I am better able to accomplish some of the goals I have for this year. With that said, I want my loved ones to understand that I am working very hard and doing the best that I possibly can. I have to say, that while I am not idle- I am always going to want to sing and have fun like the grasshopper. I don't want to be looked down on for that and I would love that to be accepted because that is who I am.

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