Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse RESULTS

So, I did the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse (details on Dr's Oz's website here) & the bottom line is I LOVED it.  Life changing.  The top benefit I noticed was how much energy I had afterward.  I just felt good.  This is coming from a gal who is sick very much of the time.  I don't know if I lost weight or the exact poundage because I didn't really care about that (but I think I did because my body was bangin').  The 3 day cleanse led to a domino effect of enlightenments for me.  I don't know if it will make everyone feel as completely different as I do.  Everyone's body is different and I have a laundry list of issues with my body because of PCOS/diabetes. 
Noticing how my body reacted to what I was putting into it made me want to continue putting good, nutrient-dense things into it.  I've been pretty much "eating clean" ever since and have noticed different symptoms of PCOS becoming less problematic.  I started dedicating a lot of my time to researching hormones and holistics cures.  As anyone that deals with this syndrome knows, the doctor will just shrug a couple of shoulders and basically tell you to deal with it.  It makes you feel hopeless.

Anyway, I found out that plastics have chemicals in them that disrupt your hormones, even if the plastic is BPA free.  I found out that eating preservatives makes you feel tired, brings down your immune system, and causes damage to cells in your body that can lead to cancer or other conditions.  I found out that all meat is injected with cell-disrupting hormones unless specifically noted on the package that it was not.  It makes sense to me that all the issues I have that are the result of a hormone imbalance could possibly/probably be effected by these things.  Is it coincidence that PCOS was not even around until recently and recently is when our plastics and meats became poisoned?  It's something to think about.  I've been trying to cut out plastic, sugar, preservatives, and any meat that is not organic.
I've started to take natural supplements/foods that have been highly recommended on PCOS forums (Spearmint Tea, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, Inositol, Black Cohosh, pumpkin seeds, red cabbish, Flax Seed, etc).
I'm really hopeful that maybe I can get my body functioning properly, but, we will have to wait and see.
p.s. I know this post isn't funny sowwee bout that.

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