Monday, September 9, 2013

I Feel Like Blues & Cuss Words

The majority of my adult life has been pretty carefree and happy I think. One time I thought I had some kind of undiscovered disease that was the exact opposite of depression because I was so happy all the time. Well, lately life has been the pits! The absolute pits! There I’ve said it. I’m not happy and I don’t like that. And when does it pass and when do things get better and when can I have the happy disease again? Meh. Sometimes I feel like what didn't kill me never made me any stronger at all. Please feel free to leave a knock-knock joke in the comments below.


  1. Obviously, no one is overly concerned.
    You should just take your shirt off and join the pond.

  2. Are you talking about the pond for shirtless assholes? That pond is closed. It reached it's capacity long ago.

    1. Proper usage above is "its" ... But you two fellas/ladies? sure know how to get off the subject. This poor girl is in pain.
      Dear Blue Lady Who Wants To Cuss:
      Memba the Wizard Of Oz? Be happy for what you got in your own back yard (and I'm not talking about that fish pond).
      No balloon is gonna save ya.

  3. Be thankful you have friends...lots of turn to. Always appreciate your cat, too! Don't dump it in some rainy alley.
    Leaving the Land of Blog. Gotta get busy living.