Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's a Crib?

When I was 15 years old my sister took me to watch a band play at York Street Cafe'. We had a lot of fun. I was like, "Weeee...I'm at a bar and I'm a teen!". When we were driving home, I thought I recognized someone I knew in the car ahead of us in the next lane. I mumbled something out loud and my sister heard me and cheerfully said, "Oh those are your friends??" and she sped up to be next to the car. At this point I realized they were strangers and protested, but, it was too late. My socially-forward-and-friendly-at-all-times sister was calling out the window to a car full of teenage guys saying, "LOOK WHO I HAVE HE-E-EERE!". She pointed to me and I sunk down low in my seat. The guys came to life like how I imagine feeding time at the zoo for the lions must be like. Drop a little lamb in there and all the lions savagely pounce. They were half-hanging out the window and saying the types of things you might imagine like- "Yeah I like what I see!", "You girls come back to our crib!", etc., while I kept saying over and over again "It's not who I thought it was, It's not who I thought it was, It's not who I thought it was". She finally heard me and told the boys, "Well I better get her home. Curfew's at 11!". When we drove off she commented that they were very friendly for being strangers. Then she asked me what a "crib" was. I guess the word was not so common then. Pre-MTV Cribs and such maybe? I don't know. I told her that a crib was a house. My sister was like a lovely lil' old grandmother trapped in a teenager's body and responded, "Well, isn't that nice..Inviting us over without even knowing us!". Her faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers was (wrongly) restored. That's the end of the story. Okay, I'm not making fun of her and I hope she doesn't think that. I just thought that story was funny/humiliating. We've grown since then.. obviously. But, I still think it's a positive quality to always believe in and to see the good in people. It's rare, that's for sure. My sister is authentic and she has a heart that is pure and brimming with love. I'm not just saying that because she's my sister. Everyone who knows her knows that. So that is good and it is special and I hope she stays that way for the rest of her life. Here we are, back in the day. I appear to be wearing a shirt that shows my belly at church. Sounds about right.

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