Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cov Love

For some reason yesterday I was feeling really Friday-y. You know, like yay let's go out and eat something delish and drink some form of cocktails! I typically don't feel like that because I always have to work the next morn anyway so it's like what's the freaking point? But yesterday was different and Stevie V was behaving quite like Henry the dog like-LET'S GO OUT. LET'S GO OUT IMMEDIATELY. NOW NOW NOW ARE YOU HOME YET LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO. So we headed out to the village. I was already as happy as a clam because the weather was just so. I had so much fun. I laughed a lot and I was gifted with kind words from different acquaintances. The kind of stuff that makes your heart glow a little. I like to hear different people's opinions on this and on that. Plus, everyone always brings their dogs and I may or may not have an (annoying?) obsession with canines. Don't get me wrong, once the clock strikes whatever it gets really crowded and ew gross college kids and stuff. That is not the part I enjoy. What makes me happy is kicking around leaves in a cute town filled with good folks with not a worry in the world besides deciding where I want to eat. I'm in love with that village and all the people in it!

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