Saturday, March 30, 2013

This is- This is- This is a M-a-a-aan's World

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Why is James Brown so awesome?  And so sweaty?  I'm worried about him.  Is he always this sweaty?  I know performers sweat but that is really somethin'. Was this the first song of his concert and did he start out sweating like that?  It looks like he mopped himself in butter.

So, a long time ago, I stomped into my mother's kitchen and told her I wished the world was like it was in the 50's and the fact that it is not is what is wrong with America today.  I just want to say, before anyone starts whining about women's rights, that #1 shut up and #2 I'm glad women have rights but the way it's been instituted is 100% wrong.  To clarify, it's good that women can vote & work if they want to.  I'm all for that.  The reason I wish the world was like it was in the 50's is because once both parents were forced out of the home and into the workforce a few things happened that I am furious about.

1.) Children are being thrown into the system- day cares.  I don't believe a day care, no matter how credible, can hold a candle to the one-on-one love and attention of a mother (or father, the point here is one parent).  If one parent is rearing the child, they can gradually but firmly establish values.  Teaching a child integrity is SO IMPORTANT.  Otherwise, you have these moron idiot humans walking around everywhere.  Today, you can't walk outside and throw a rock without hitting a moron idiot human.  They are everywhere! Not that you should be throwing rocks at humans, obviously (my mother taught me that). 
The other option is to have someone in your family watch your child while you go to work because you have to go to work because the world we live in today it is not possible to survive on a single income (thanks Women's Movement!). Your mother was already a mother.  She doesn't want to do it again full time and it isn't fair to ask her to.  I sometimes have day dreams of how I would raise a babe.  There would be a lot of rocking and singing and story telling and playing and crafts and I know you can do all of this if you work but, for me, I would prefer to do it full time. And that is a pipe dream.  Also, I'm barren. So.

2.) No one has time to cook healthy, nutritious meals anymore.  There's no sit down breakfast (the most important meal of the day dammit!).  There's no time to pack lunch, no time to make a wonderful sit down family dinner and talk about the day.  I take care of only myself and I don't have time for all that.  But if I didn't have a 9-5, I would be cooking and cleaning every day.  We all just eat fast food or other garbage crap and the majority of us are not living up to our optimum health and well-being and that is SAD.  I know there are exceptions and terrific for you if you are one of them.  I'm talking about the majority.

The mother has been taking care of the offspring since the cavemen days.  That is why the woman's peripheral vision is wider than the man's.  Women had to be on the look out for danger in their cave abode and protect the offspring.  Men have better distance vision because they have hunted for food since the beginning of time.  Someone's been home with the offspring full time since cave man days and now we're trying something different and I'm not happy with it.

I know what I'm saying is controversial and I know I don't have children so how can I speak on it.  I speak on it because I'm mad as an old wet hen that this is what the world is now. 


  1. What about the AGREE button!!
    --Lisa :)

  2. I agree, my little chick. There is no substitute for time a child spends with a parent. Family life has become all but, extinct. I love my kids and at least one is hilarious!