Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweet Molly J

My niece Molly is the sweetest little girl.  She reminds me a lot of her mama in that she is so sweet, very calm, and clever/reasonable. If you explain to her why she can't do a certain thing, she will listen attentively and then understand and agree with you and probably later coach someone else on the specific issue.  For example, once I was coloring with her in the play room and then heard her sister Anna shouting for me in the kitchen so I jumped up and went to the kitchen to see what she wanted.  A couple minutes later, I was confronted by Molly and the marker I'd left behind, which had no lid.  She showed it to me and explained how not putting the lid on it would ruin it.  BUSTED.  I tried in vain to explain that I'd been in such a hurry because I was worried about Anna, but, that was no excuse.
I've never really seen her fly off the handle, how kids will sometimes.  She has, like they say, an old soul.  An old and mature soul.
I like how I can see different positive family members traits in her.  Besides the qualities I mentioned above from her mom, she has a silly and goofy sense of humor like me and her dad.  She is laughing most of the time I see her.  She can be a tad sensitive like her Aunt Tina.  She reminds me of my Grandma Schulte with her ingrained celebration of her good looks.  She modeled better than America's Next Top Model in pictures as a toddler.  I wish my grandma was still around to give her good tips like never ever leave the house without lipstick.
Look at the fierceness in her eyes.  Take that, Tyra Banks!
She is the total little package and I think she's going to make this world of ours a better place.


  1. So great! This is from your Mom, but, don't know how to sign except from annonymous