Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ault Park

I love Ault Park. 
I don't frequent Cincinnati too much because I'm deeply terrified of driving.  But when I do go, I'm always impressed.  There is so much neat stuff in Cincy. .. like this park.
There is a quote I can't remember from a book about being aware of places that make you feel emotion.
This is a place that made me feel emotion.  Maybe it was because I enjoyed my company and the memory of the enjoyable and companionable time I had there. 
Maybe it is because it was beautiful.
There are tree gardens and exotic plants and Lazarus Lizards darting about. 
It was summer when I went and the sun was shining & it was not crowded.  Maybe Just a random person laying on a blanket reading a book on the grassy knoll here or there.  
The minute summer arrives, I'm packing a picnic basket and maybe a little Lazarus Lizard food and heading back. 

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