Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jake Part 2

The saga continues. lolz.
Well, first of all, I went out for Roby's birthday on Tuesday and I was talking to this fellow who reads this blog sometimes (which is cool and neat!) and I was a lil buzzed and the music was loud but I think he suggested not to write about ex's?  And I was like "meh I don't care yeahyeah I'm the Taylor Swift of blogs woop woop!", like an idiot.  And then I think I was like I'll write about whatever the hell I want to because for me it's not about pleasing other people.  It's just me getting some shiz out that I need to get out & if people want to read it, well, that's really cool.  After I get it out, I hope it's gone. Know what I mean?

So, I left off telling you about how I pretty much adored Jake and looked up to him and blah blah blahblahblah.  And we were friends for a lot of years - never dating or anything like that. He was someone I trusted is my point. I trusted him and I very much loved him and always had. And then we kind of went separate ways I think because I had a boyfriend and said boyfriend was like "hmm you sure hang out with all guys all the time and that makes me uncomfy" and I said "that's fair and thank you for your honesty and okay I'll dial it back." 
Meanwhile Jake jetted off to Wisconsin and then Europe. He came back for a visit (long after boyfriend was gone).  I remember I was strolling around Main Strasse with my cousin, Bret, and I was like "Bret! Jake is in town and I am in love with him.  Like for real- in love. What do I do?"
So I called Jake and we hung out like a couple of pals the way we did in the old days.  We went fishing & boating in Falmouth and I absolutely could not get up the nerve to tell him my feelings.
Then my birthday came and we went out for cocktails and.....I could tell him my feelings with the help of birthday shots and then.......Romance.
We started dating (my 1st- BUT NOT LAST- encounter with Dee Felice and their BBQ shrimp. My God, it's delicious.) and then later decided to be exclusive. He gave me the warm-thing-in-your-tum feeling that a good boyfriend should and I thought wow this is love and I believed he felt the same.  He went back to Europe and we emailed and talked on the phone.  He was sweet.  I'd been through a lot in other relationships and I was finished being with someone I couldn't trust and Jake was someone I trusted and it was a nice feeling and I was all in.  Jake has an interesting and intelligent view on life/things and conversations with him are stimulating. That's probably his best quality.  If you talk to him, he makes you think and you want to continue talking to him.  So he was in Germany and I was in Kentucky and we were kind of like's this going to work?

Okay. Abrupt stop. That's enough of that for now.  See ya next week.

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