Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jake Part 1

                                        Listen to dis: Feel the Pain

Let me tell ya a story.  So, one day I was seated in the back of Mr. Lynch's Geometry class and we got a new student transferred from another class.  And it was Jake!  He sat next to me in the cramped room and he had a big ol' smile and a Dinosaur Jr tshirt.  I said, "I like Dinosaur Jr!!" and we were instant besties and he was sooooo funny.  We passed notes back and forth and I kept them all in a shoe box under my bed.
There were a couple of girls in that class who despised me.  I have no idea why.  I can still remember the evil glares from the one chick.  She looked at me like I killed her dog. Hate beams of palpable hate. It was the most uncomfortable and confusing thing for me because I'd never seen her or had a conversation or anything so how could she possibly hate me at this level?  Anyway, her pal hated me too & threw a hard cover text book at me one day.  I'm telling you they HATED me.  Jake intercepted the book like the hero he was and then went the hell off on the girl.  After class, a sweet little cheerleader girl pulled me aside and told me I was going to have to fight her and yes I would probably lose because she was 45 x's bigger than me (and also all of the guys) but everyone would respect me. You know, like the moral of the Karate Kid movie I think. It never came to that because soon after, the girl came up to me like "hey Jake told me you're cool and not to mess with you anymore so I'm not going to." and then asked me what boys I thought were cute and what boys she thought were "split" and then we were... friends..sort of.
Jake and I started hanging out a lot and I adored him.  One day I complained to him in passing conversation that after 3rd period when I am at my locker, someone grabs my butt every day and I can't figure out who it is and it makes me just so darn mad!  The next day my butt got grabbed and next thing I know Jake tackled the guy who did it.  I freaked out because - violence!- and zoomed into the classroom and couldn't believe my eyeballs. It was a guy with a blonde mullet and he never did it again.
I used to tell Jake I felt like he was my guardian angel. Haha.  Like a really violent guardian angel and he couldn't understand why I felt that way.  But I mean..really..he always protected me and everyone actually.
So like I said, I adored him.  Everyone did. I'm sure everyone still does.
This story is about to take a bad turn.
I've wrote plenty for now though so I'll make a Part 2 next week.  I wish I could stop right there though and that was how the story ends and how my memories end.

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